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ProClean keeps aviation up and running.

ProClean has been cleaning aviation facilities for over 15 years because they involve hangers, terminals, maintenance facilities and administrative spaces, requires specialized attention due to the unique nature of the aviation industry. Aviation buildings serve as important operations center piece, so cleanliness, safety and attention to detail are crucial.

ProClean keeps your Baltimore TDL operation clean so you can focus on your  primary jobs of transportation, distribution and logistics. We have over 25 years of experience in helping warehouses, distribution centers and transportation hubs.  Reach out to us to see how we can take your industrial cleaning needs to a whole new level.


Information Technology

ProClean’s advanced and technical cleaning.

ProClean is well aware that cleaning an information technology (IT) building is essential to maintain a clean and functional environment for technology equipment, employees and visitors. ProClean adheres to the facility being cleaned very carefully to avoid damaging equipment or disrupting operations.
ProClean has years of experience in helping businesses along the east coast maintain their professionalism with expert cleaning assistance. We can help your Baltimore business look its best, helping you put your best foot forward with your clients.


Aerospace Industry

ProClean’s 25-year track record of aerospace cleaning.

Cleaning has 25 years of experience cleaning an aerospace facility, which includes areas such as research and development facilities, manufacturing space, testing areas, and administrative space that requires special attention to detail and adherence to safety standards. Most importantly, Aerospace facilities often handle sensitive materials (classified) and utilizing proper techniques and professional are paramount.

ProClean has several contracts with the Department of Defense and aerospace industries. All of our employees undergo a rigorous background check and are held to the highest standards of service industry security.

Why ProClean for your Orlando Business?


Lower Costs

Because we are not a franchise, our overhead is low, passing the savings on to you.


Fully Insured

ProClean carries several insurance policies greater than $1M to protect you from any liability. 


Family Owned

ProClean is a family owned business, not a franchise. That gets you personalized attention without compromising quality.


Locked in Rates

ProClean can guarantee your rates as a Baltimore business for seven years. No professional cleaning company (that we know of) guarantees that.


Environmentally Safe

ProClean believes mankind has been entrusted with the stewardship of this earth, so we use products that promote that that stewardship.


Background Checks

ProClean conducts a thorough background check on all employees, allowing them to clean in secure enviroments, providing peace of mind to all types of business.

Let's Make Your Orlando Business Cleaner!

ProClean is the number one commercial cleaning company when it comes to making your Orlando Business Cleaner! We are a family owned company that has lower costs than a franchise and we use environmentally safe products!